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DME is clean-burning, low-cost, transportation fuel
DME burns with no particulate matter and is sulfur free. Its high cetane value, quiet combustion and inexpensive propane-like fueling system make it an excellent diesel alternative.
Small-scale process facilitates rapid deployment
Oberon’s modular design occupies approximately 20,000 square feet (depending on your site) and is easily deployed to remote stranded gas locations or isolated industrial operations.
Numerous domestic feedstocks provide stable pricing
Our process cost-effectively converts methane—natural gas, biogas, and stranded gas- to DME, resulting in stable, crude oil-independent pricing competitive with that of diesel.

A Low-Cost Alternative to Diesel


DME-logoOberon Fuels is bringing DME to North America with its proprietary skid-mounted, small-scale process. DME (dimethyl ether) is a clean-burning, potentially renewable fuel and an excellent, inexpensive diesel alternative that meets strict emissions standards.

Our small-scale production units enable the development of regional fuel markets that service local customers engaged in regional haul, initially bypassing the need for a national infrastructure. In addition, capital expenditures are in sync with market growth-the initial investment is small compared to large scale plants. As the DME market develops, more small-scale production units will be deployed in each region, and new regions will be added across North America.

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