Small-Scale Production Units Serve New Market Niches

Oberon Fuels has developed proprietary skid-mounted, small-scale production units that convert methane and carbon dioxide to DME from various feedstocks, such as biogas and natural gas. This small-scale process circumvents the financial, infrastructure, and permitting challenges that large-scale projects confront. Oberon units have the capacity to produce 3,000–10,000 gallons of DME per day to service regional fuel markets and are therefore ideal for the owner of a fleet of heavy-duty vehicles making closed-loop hauls.

The Oberon units cost-effectively convert inexpensive natural gas, which is abundant in North America, to DME, a higher-valued transportation fuel. The units’ modular design makes it easy to deploy to remote stranded-gas locations that are otherwise costly to access, and also to industrial operations where waste CO2 streams can be captured to increase output. Huge reserves of natural gas make efficient conversion to DME a natural next step toward promoting greater energy independence and environmental security for the United States. In addition, feedstocks—such as shale gas and biogas from animal, food, and agricultural waste—can be converted to DME and monetized using the Oberon process.