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A new way to turn organic waste into money

How it's made

A new use for your feedstock or biogas

Oberon provides a new way to monetize agricultural waste or the biogas you may already be making from that waste. Instead of using your waste to generate electricity or make renewable natural gas (RNG), Oberon can use it as feedstock to make its rDME  fuels, which are generally more valuable. And making rDME fuels with your waste is especially helpful if you are not connected to a natural gas pipeline, since it can easily be shipped by LPG tankers, avoiding the cost and permitting of new construction.



Oberon makes things simple for feedstock owners and biogas project developers. We act as overall manager of a broader effort: we move and process your waste, build and operate an renewable DME fuel production plant, and ship the resulting products. If you’re a farmer, we either locate on your land (paying you lease fees) or near you; if you’re a developer, we co-locate with you. When the project is up and running you will receive a steady stream of the earnings. You don’t need to supply any capital or staff.

Oberon makes it easy

Oberon makes it easy
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Got feedstock?… maximize its value

Contact us to discuss supplying our upcoming projects. 


The process starts with us working with you to understand what type of waste you have and how much. If there’s a potential fit, we proceed to more detailed discussions to work through a potential business relationship.

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