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renewable hydrogen 

Oberon’s rDME   fuel is also a highly efficient, convenient and cost-effective way to make and move renewable hydrogen.


Today, if one of your customers needs hydrogen, they either need to make it themselves, onsite (e.g. with electrolyzers), or have it shipped to them. Making it themselves can be expensive and complex from an operations standpoint. Transporting hydrogen is tough: tankers carry a limited amount of hydrogen; they’re very expensive; and regulations limit where they can drive.


Oberon’s rDME fuel is a better carrier of hydrogen than hydrogen

Oberon’s rDME fuel is a practical, reliable way to get renewable hydrogen to customers. Each molecule of rDME fuel has six hydrogen atoms, and a single LPG tanker, slightly modified to carry 100% rDME fuel, carries almost four times as much hydrogen as a gaseous hydrogen tanker – and an LPG tanker costs a fraction of its hydrogen counterpart. rDME fuel can also be easier to manage with respect to regulations and leakage. To convert our rDME fuel to hydrogen, simply add an Oberon ‘reformer’ at the destination, as shown below:

How it works

Now moving to ton per day plants

We are now scaling up to deploy a ‘ton-per-day’ (1,000 kilograms) on-site station for renewable hydrogen production, with initial production expected in 2023, and are planning five ton per day units soon after. 


Our work on making and moving renewable hydrogen includes a partnership with the Los Alamos National Laboratory, supported by the US Department of Energy.


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