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Deliver a more sustainable LPG, by blending in our renewable DME




We make Oberon's rDME  fuels from renewable feedstocks, like biogas and organic wastes, and supply LPG firms worldwide. Using the Oberon process, and depending on the feedstock, we deliver rDME  fuel with a low or even negative carbon intensity (CI). The California Air Resources Board (CARB) estimated our process could make renewable DME with a -278 CI*.​



Blend up to 20%; get up to 60% lower carbon intensity (CI)


Example of LPG – rDME   fuel blending.


How it works

Commercial deployments and trials happening worldwide

Oberon built and operates the world’s first commercial-scale production plant for renewable DME, with a capacity of 1.5 million gallons per year. Major firms have validated our value proposition, including:


We are currently in discussions with major LPG companies regarding early, preferential access to our product and/or long-term, high-volume offtake agreements.


Additionally, the World LPG Association and others support the use of renewable DME by the industry; and Oberon is active in groups including: 

Commercial deployments

Secure your market leadership

We can help your company be a leader in sustainability and delight your customers. You can be first in your region to offer a differentiated product, helping you grow your LPG market share, and ensuring you don’t lose customers to other energy sources. 


We’ll work with you on technical and regulatory matters; help plan market trials and rollouts; work through operations planning; supply you with Oberon's rDME  fuel; and support you via joint marketing at both the corporate level and in your product marketing and sales strategy with customers. 


Conducting these joint market trials allows you to plan your subsequent widespread rollout across your operations, as input to long-term production and offtake agreements from current and planned Oberon production plants.



* The CI of Oberon's rDME   fuel can vary based on many factors, as well as the CI of blends made with it.


Early access
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