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We make our rDME  fuel from renewable feedstocks 



Oberon was the first company to build a commercial scale plant to make renewable DME. 


DME itself (dimethyl ether, or CH  OCH  ) is a clean, colorless, non-toxic gas that is easy to liquefy and transport. At standard temperature and pressure DME is a gas, but it can be liquefied under moderate pressure, similar to LPG for storage and handling.


Oberon's rDME  fuel can be blended in with LPG up to 20% without changes in handling procedures. We also support and supply applications ranging up to 100% renewable DME fuel, such as in transportation, for equipment modified to use this flexible fuel. 




Oberon’s technology: making Oberon's rDME  fuel from waste

We can use many different types of renewable, organic wastes including wastes from biomass, agriculture, municipal, and cellulosic sources. These renewable sources enable low- or negative carbon intensity products. We can also produce DME from syngas or renewable methanol, with substantial though more modest reductions in carbon intensity.


How it's made

We built the world’s first commercial scale renewable DME plant

Our Maverick Innovation Center started making rDME  fuel in May 2021, and has a capacity of 1.5 million gallons per year. This milestone unlocks Oberon’s ability to reduce emissions from transportation today, while accelerating the development of the hydrogen economy and a net-zero carbon future.

This plant was brought to life with the generous support of the State of California, and created over 10 full-time local jobs in the community.


world’s first
commercial scale    renewable DME     

startup 2013

renewable DME fuel        
started May 2021     
Brawley, California

World's first commercial

Oberon has completed design work for our second and third production plants, each with multiple times the capacity of our first plant, with startup planned for 2025.


With over 30 projects under development, we currently estimate over 200 million gallons per year later this decade.

Many-fold capacity expansion by 2025; more to come


Contact us to find out more about our upcoming projects. 

See what's coming

Upcoming projects

Got feedstock?

Contact us to discuss supplying our upcoming projects. 

Feedstock opportunities
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