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Now producing rDME  fuel from renewable feedstocks at commercial scale 


Located in the Imperial Valley region of California, Oberon's Maverick Innovation Center started producing the US' first-ever renewable DME in 2021. Oberon’s rDME  fuel is being sold commercially today as a propane blend to 450 transportation customers in the southern California region by Suburban Propane.

Oberon's Maverick plant — supplying renewable DME to customers locally, seeding markets globally


Maverick in full produxtion

12 months

from investment decision
to plant completion

5 continents 

have received DME fuel shipments

1.5 Million

gallons per year capacity

11 years

delivering DME shipments

At the Maverick Innovation Center, the production of Oberon’s rDME  fuel begins with renewable methanol, a renewable feedstock naturally occurring in trees, followed by a catalytic reaction to make DME. This conversion process is highly efficient and manageable in small-scale settings, making it ideal for producing and using renewable DME locally.


Win-win for fuel and feedstock

Maverick running strong


Since 2021 we've produced 100% renewable DME at
our innovation center

The U.S. Department of Energy is funding a demonstration of Sunvapor’s solar steam and thermal battery technology to further lower the Carbon Intensity (CI) of the renewable dimethyl ether (DME) produced at Maverick Innovation Center, and other plants in the future. The pilot project will reduce the amount of natural gas currently used during production and replace it with zero-emission solar heat.

Near-zero emission

Piloting DME to hydrogen in 2024

Oberon's rDME  fuel is a highly efficient, convenient and cost-effective way of making and transporting renewable hydrogen. Oberon’s renewable-DME-to-hydrogen, skid-mounted technology is presently being fabricated, will be mechanically complete in 2024, and will then be commissioned at the Maverick Innovation Center this year.



Oberon is completing design work for our second and third production plants, each with multiple times the capacity of our first plant, targeting 2026 production.


With over 20 projects under development, capacity will grow to over 200 million gallons per year later this decade.

Significant capacity expansion

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