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  • Partners aim for multiple plants to produce renewable DME

SAN DIEGO/Dublin – March 29, 2023 – DCC plc, the leading international sales, marketing and support services group, has partnered with Oberon Fuels, the leading producer of renewable dimethyl ether (DME), to advance the design, construction and operations of multiple renewable DME production plants in Europe.   


The companies have completed an initial feasibility study, which confirmed significant market demand for a renewable substitute for Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG). Both companies will now further investigate sustainable and scalable supply chains of renewable feedstocks, as well as advantageous locations for production plants. 


Once adequate feedstocks and appropriate sites have been established Oberon will construct and operate the renewable DME production facilities and DCC Energy will commit to buying Oberon’s renewable DME as an offtake partner. DCC Energy will lead with energy by supplying its customers with significant volumes of renewable DME to help them to decarbonise.


DME blended with LPG can be used in existing residential, commercial and industrial applications without any need for investment. After minor modifications to infrastructure, pure renewable DME is a drop-in energy source for existing applications. DME is stored, transported and dispensed using existing LPG vehicles and equipment which makes it quick to deploy, efficient and cost-effective. It reduces carbon emissions immediately, which is of vital importance to off (natural gas) grid customers.


Leveraging that same LPG infrastructure, Oberon Fuels could meet the growing demand for renewable hydrogen by converting renewable DME into renewable hydrogen with its proprietary DME-to-hydrogen reformer technology. DCC Energy could use its existing LPG tanks, trucks and workforce to move renewable hydrogen in the future. The efficiencies here are compelling, as a single DME trailer carries the same amount of hydrogen as three hydrogen tube trailers. A DME trailer also costs 80 percent less than a typical hydrogen trailer.


“Oberon and DCC are committed to ensuring that Europe has access to sustainable and scalable forms of clean energy and fuel,” said Rebecca Boudreaux, Ph.D., Oberon Fuels President and CEO. “Our experience in developing renewable DME plants and selling commercial-grade fuel combined with DCC’s scale, distribution infrastructure and nine million energy customers will enable both parties to reduce emissions, increase employment and diversify the regional energy portfolio.”


Fabian Ziegler, DCC Energy’s CEO, said: “DCC Energy is accelerating the decarbonization journey of our customers by leading the sales, marketing and distribution of low carbon energy solutions. This is an important new long-term partnership with Oberon. We are securing supply of an innovative renewable gas, which we will drop in to our customers’ existing infrastructure.”

About DCC plc

DCC is a leading international sales, marketing and support services group with a clear focus on sustainable growth. DCC is an ambitious and entrepreneurial business operating in 22 countries, supplying products and services used by millions of people every day. 


Headquartered in Dublin, the Group operates across three sectors: energy, healthcare and technology, employing over 16,500 people. DCC plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100. In its financial year ended 31 March 2022, DCC generated revenue of £17.7 billion and adjusted operating profit of £589.2 million.


DCC has an excellent record, delivering compound annual growth of 14% in adjusted operating profit and generating an average return on capital employed of approximately 19% over 28 years as a public company. 


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About Oberon Fuels

California-based Oberon Fuels is on a mission to decarbonize the fuel and energy sectors through the commercialization of renewable DME. Oberon’s low-carbon or carbon-negative rDME® fuels can reduce the carbon intensity of propane by up to 60 percent when blended, offering potential reductions in global CO2 of 750 million metric tons per year. Renewable DME also provides a compelling means for transporting hydrogen for its many fast-growing applications. More information is available at


The EU consumes about 48 billion liters (12.7 billion gallons) of LPG per year. Oberon Fuels can enable European countries to produce fuels from local renewable biomass with no indirect land use impacts while reducing the need to import foreign energy resources. Renewable DME is well-suited to help Europe meet emissions reductions targets.



Oberon Media Contact

Oberon Fuels

John Williams, Scoville PR 



DCC Media Contact

Powerscourt (Eavan Gannon/Genevieve Ryan)   

+44 20 7250 1446

Editor’s Note: References to Oberon, Oberon Fuels, DME, rDME and associated logos in this press release have been updated since the original release date to reflect new/current trademark status on terms and logomarks. rDME® is a trademark of Oberon Fuels, Inc.

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